Environmental Policy

Farnham Castle is committed to minimising the adverse impact that our business activities have on the local & global environment. Working with all our partners and stakeholders, we ensure compliance with Environmental Legislation and will continually strive to improve our environmental performance.


We have a recycling program in operation. We recycle:

• Glass
• Cardboard
• Food Waste
• Compost
• Ink cartridges
• Batteries


• We audit our waste, water and energy consumption on a quarterly basis to identify areas where efficiency can be improved.
• We continually seek ways to improve the lifespan of the products we use.


We notify our stakeholders of our Environmental Commitment & Policies by various methods of internal & external communication.

Preventative Maintenance:

Farnham Castle has been retrofitted with energy efficient bulbs in the most areas. This is an on-going project.


There is a Procurement Policy is in operation throughout the business.

• Where feasible, we prioritise and source local products.
• The company considers the environmental attributes of products & suppliers to determine the extent to which the specifications could provide an environmentally preferable option.
• We engage in Joint Procurement to reduce transport costs.
• When possible and where practical, we will reduce waste at source.
• We actively reduce the non-recyclable waste produced by the hotel.

Sourcing from Local Suppliers:

Where possible, we do our utmost to provide support to local businesses such as:

• Buying food produce from local suppliers
• Advertising in local media
• Recommending local shops, services and attractions to our guests