27/04/2020 | Wedding

Changing Your Wedding Date

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Things to think about when it comes to changing your wedding date.

It is unlikely that you’ll need to change the date of your wedding once it has been set with your wedding venue, but if the situation is out of your hands and you don’t have a choice, we’ve come up with some top tips to consider when it comes to changing your wedding date.

Every contract will more than likely come with a breakdown of what you are and are not allowed to do during the run up to your wedding and on the day – so depending on the circumstances, you may not always be allowed to change your wedding date. Before you make any decisions in regard to changing your wedding date, be sure to thoroughly read the contract you signed.  It is always wise to take out a wedding insurance policy and you should also review this alongside your wedding venue and supplier bookings.

5 Reasons You Might Need to Change Your Wedding Date

  1. Situations out of your control – such as a world health pandemic
  2. Serious personal or health issues
  3. An unexpected baby
  4. Financial difficulties
  5. Unavoidable work commitments

Things to be aware of when changing your wedding date

Beware of Cost:

If you are allowed to change your wedding date, there may well be a cost to consider. If you’ve booked a Monday in winter, but would actually prefer a summer Saturday, your overall wedding is likely to cost more, and would therefore incur an increase on your invoice. You may also be charged a one-off payment to change your actual date, if your contract even permits it.

Think About Your Wedding Guests:

You may upset family and friends if you change your wedding date, after you’ve communicated it to them. You should also be prepared that your full guest list may not be able to attend your new wedding date due to alternative commitments. There may, however, be guests who were unable to attend your wedding, who are now able to attend your new date.

Speak to your Wedding Insurance provider:

If you purchased wedding insurance at the beginning of your wedding planning, there may be a chance that they would cover a wedding date change. Speak to your wedding insurance provider before committing to anything with your wedding venue or suppliers.

Date restrictions:

If you are allowed to change your wedding date, explore all options that you are given. For example, in a situation that is out of everyone’s control, you may be offered a date change within the next 12 months. Meaning, you could either choose the same wedding date in the future, providing it is available, or, you could change your entire season and plan a different style of wedding. Do have a think between you, but don’t leave it too late, as popular wedding venues can get booked up 2 to 3 years in advance.

Things to avoid when it comes to changing your wedding date

Avoid rushing into things:

Make absolutely sure that you want to change your wedding date, if you’re changing it out of choice as opposed to an unavoidable situation. Don’t, for example, go and change all of your wedding suppliers before you have absolutely everything confirmed in writing with your wedding venue. Rushing serious decisions could end up costing you more money in the long run.

Don’t stop communicating with your wedding venue:

In a date change situation where the reason is out of everyone’s control, your wedding venue will probably be in-undated with couples in exactly the same situation. If this is the case, keep in close contact with your wedding planning team, but make swift decisions once you have the go ahead to move your wedding date, as waiting may result in you missing out on another great wedding date.

Don’t forget to communicate with your wedding guests:

This is probably more important if your wedding date change happens to be sooner rather than later. Ensure that you communicate with every one of your wedding guests – and make anyone travelling from abroad a priority.

Don’t forget about your wedding suppliers:

If you have changed your wedding date, it is vital that you communicate this to your wedding suppliers, as you’ll have a contract with them too. In unavoidable situations, they’ll probably be happy to change accordingly, providing they have your new wedding date available! If they don’t, check your cancellation policy, but don’t worry about finding another supplier as there are plenty out there would be delighted to help you.