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The Best Months of the Year to Get Married

Beautiful wedding ceremonies at Farnham Castle in Surrey

Every couple will have their reasons for wanting to get married at a certain time of year – we’ve listed our top tips on why we think every month throughout the year should be considered…

Once your wedding venue has been chosen and your wedding date has been booked, the rest of your planning should fall perfectly in to place. Some couples will choose a wedding date within a certain season, some will choose a wedding date that has a memorable meaning to them and others will choose a date based around venue availability on a specific day of the week. At Farnham Castle we are able to host a wedding a day, and it is still very typical for wedding planning couples to secure their wedding date approximately 18 months before they plan to tie the knot. Below, we’ve summarised the best reasons to get married in any month.

January Weddings

People tend to be in a refreshed state of mind at the start of a New Year, so we can’t think of a better month to commence married life. Imagine having ‘your wedding date’ at the forefront of everyone’s annual calendar, and with the potential excitement of snow or crisp weather, your wedding photographer could end up snapping some extremely unusual images of your guests and your winter wedding venue. January, for most venues, is considered to be a low season, so you could certainly benefit from paying favourable venue hire rates, compared to couples wishing to have the same sized guest list, but later in the year. There are huge advantages to getting married in January and we would love to chat to you about holding your winter wedding in our historic castle wedding venue during this month.

Getting Married in February

Say goodbye to your January blues and focus on getting married during the most romantic month of the year, February. For the love birds out there, Valentine’s Day is the ultimate date to get married – regardless of what day of the week it falls on. Still considered low season for most venues, and although still chilly, you’ll not only benefit from the lower venue hire rate if you book a wedding in February, but there are plenty of wonderful wintry menu and cocktail ideas out there for you to dine on, elegantly, with your guests. As we’ve recently entered a new decade, your wedding date in February for the next several years, could have a lovely ring to it. 2/2021, 2/2022, 2/2023, 2/2024, especially if you get married on the 2nd, 12th or any date after the 19th.

Marry in March

Spring is all about new beginnings, and as your marriage will be a new beginning for your relationship, March seems like a pretty perfect month to get married in our eyes. March should see glorious gardens starting to bloom and it is also a great time of year to jet-set off on your honeymoon. Plus, by the time March comes around after the colder months at the start of the year, there’s no doubt your guests would love a weekend get-away to look forward to. March seems like a great time of year to host a weekend wedding celebration in our eyes. Speak to our experienced team of chefs when it comes to planning an incredible spring menu and why not consider serving a selection of refreshing cocktails during your post-ceremony drinks reception to kick-start your celebrations?

April Weddings

The annual diary of your friends and family will be getting busy by April, and with the Easter Bank holidays and school closures falling within this month, people will get booked up well in advance. April is a lovely month to get married. The weather will be getting warmer, Britain is in bloom and the evenings are getting lighter, giving you more of an opportunity to enjoy the gorgeous outside space of your wedding venue. And, don’t worry about April showers – your wedding venue (if they have a great planning team), should always have a wet-weather back up plan in place. At Farnham Castle we’re lucky enough to have a variety of spacious rooms ready for this exact scenario! We’ll show you all of the different arrangements when you come for your show-round.

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Marriages in May

A May wedding will more than likely guarantee that you’ll be able to enjoy lots of time outside, especially if you choose a wedding venue with beautiful country grounds and far-reaching views. Take advantage of the May Bank Holiday and getting married during May will give you plenty of time earlier in the year to celebrate your hen and stag parties. When planning your May wedding, consider a pastel colour scheme for your bridesmaid dresses or flowers, and if you’re looking to book a fun date to remember May 5th, (5/5) could be unforgettable.

Weddings in June

June wedding dates tend to get booked up as quickly as July and August do. With the summer solstice falling on the 21st of June each year, this is always going to be the month of the year offering the longest evenings in regards to the light. Your photographer will be able to capture wonderful images of you both during the ‘golden hour’ and if you book to have a late bar at Farnham Castle, you’ll be able to celebrate your June wedding until 1am. Longer, lighter evenings in June will allow you to celebrate outside for longer. Why not get creative and select a variety of exciting evening menu options with our team of chefs?

July Weddings

Year on year, July tends to be the most popular month of the year for couples to get married. Not only is our British weather at its best during July, but with school closures and longer, sunnier days, July wedding dates are very appealing and get snapped up fast. If you’ve always dreamed of a July wedding, but are worried about booking a Friday or Saturday wedding during a peak season, or, you cannot find availability, consider getting married mid-week. Your July wedding on a Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday, will be exactly the same as your July wedding on a Friday or Saturday, except your venue hire should be considerably lower. The number 7 is considered to be very lucky around the world, so getting married during the 7th month of the year could be a great omen for your marriage, regardless of which of the 7 week days you choose to tie the knot!

Summer Weddings in August

Much like July, August wedding dates are favourable due to the warmer weather and the school holidays – which should mean that as the kids don’t need to go to school the next day, you could consider a mid-week wedding in August if your preferred Friday or Saturday dates have already been booked. There’s also a Bank Holiday in August, meaning that one lucky couple a year get to celebrate their wedding on a Sunday and benefit from their guests not having to rush off to work the following morning. We advise couples wanting to get married in August to visit wedding venues and secure a date around 18 to 24 months in advance, to avoid disappointment. Imagine the summer wedding photographs that your photographer could snap of you both around Farnham Castle’s grounds, not forgetting the clear, breath-taking views across Farnham that will be at their utmost best during the month of August.

September Wedding Celebrations

We tend to think that Autumn is on its way when September comes around each year, and even though that is technically true, if you look at the weather in September, historically, you’ll realise that it’s usually a very pleasant month. Your friends and family members will more than likely be available to attend your September wedding as they should have returned from any summer holidays by then, plus once you’ve returned from your honeymoon, you won’t have too long to wait before celebrating your first Christmas as a married couple. If you’re looking to book an unusual or fun sounding wedding date, 9/9, 19/9 or 29/9 are all dates you’re less likely to forget!

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October Weddings

If you’ve always dreamed of an Autumn wedding, October could be a great month to tie the knot. With the leaves changing and the weather slightly colder, your wedding photographer should be able to capture some beautiful autumnal images of you both. Our Great Hall features a stunning fireplace which looks incredible dressed with autumnal décor and vibrant floral installations. And, if you love the idea of a theme, there are dozens of spectacular, seasonal ways to decorate Farnham Castle during the midst of Autumn.

November Nuptials

As the year begins to wind down, people usually start to focus on Christmas festivities from mid-November – unless they have alternative plans in their diary! Getting married in November will give you 10 full months of wedding planning earlier in the year, along with the opportunity to visit plenty of wedding shows which tend to happen during the months of February, March and September. Although the weather can be sunny but fresh in November, this month does fall in to the low season at Farnham Castle so your venue hire rates will be favourable, perhaps leaving you with a greater wedding budget to put towards a more luxurious menu or that dream dress. See the colder weather as a positive – baskets of warm blankets or hot chocolate served during your evening reception are bound to keep your guests happy.

Winter Wedding in December

What better way to end the year than to get married? We love hosting December weddings here at Farnham Castle. The Great Hall looks absolutely stunning decorated with Christmas trees, fairy lights and introducing floral décor with a festive or wintry twist can look sensational. If your engagement took place at midnight on New Year’s Eve, why not consider getting married within the same year? 12 months is plenty of time for our specialist team to help you plan your December wedding, and we are also able to host weddings on New Year’s Eve. Speak to our team about helping you plan a wonderful December wedding.