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Outdoor Weddings at Farnham Castle: Things to Consider

Outdoor wedding photography at Farnham Castle

Planning an outdoor wedding at Farnham Castle? Check out our top things to consider…

The idea of an outdoor wedding isn’t for everyone, but if you are dreaming about an outdoor wedding in Surrey, the wedding and events team at Farnham Castle have come up with a collection of things you should consider before booking your outdoor wedding – along with a positive solution for each thought.  We think outdoor weddings at Farnham Castle in Surrey or any outdoor wedding venue are incredible, and we’d love to chat with you about your thoughts and plans for an outdoor wedding, if you’re considering one.

Elderly or disabled Guests

Wedding guests will be seated on a gravel surface during an outdoor wedding at Farnham Castle. This area is wheelchair accessible and facilities can be found close by. We would suggest that you task a relative or an usher with looking after elderly or disabled guests.

The Sun

There’s a good chance that the sun could be shining down on your outdoor wedding at Farnham Castle, especially if you choose a wedding date in the height of summer. If you’re worried it might be hot for older, or younger guests, we can organise large sun shades and external fans.

Can you be heard?

If you’re worried about being heard by your guests, we can organise a microphone for your outdoor wedding ceremony. We have suppliers who can provide specialist sound equipment for you.


As you’ll be outside, you may wish to consider the style of wedding shoes you choose. Consider wedges or wearing flat wedding shoes. You could always change in to heels for your wedding breakfast and reception – although you may wish to change back in to your flats for dancing.

Your hair/veil

As Farnham Castle located at the top of a hill, there’s a chance there could be a gentle breeze during your outdoor wedding ceremony. We believe that some of the best wedding photography is captured when something unexpected happens, such as a gust of wind lifting a veil, but if you’re worried about this happening, consider hair accessories over a veil, or, a wear a veil with weight to it, so that it’s harder for the wind to carry.

Decorating your outdoor wedding ceremony

Your florist can get seriously creative when it comes to an outdoor wedding because there may be more height and space around to play with. We love the idea of large plants, trees, lanterns, floral or wooden arches, chair décor, love letters, welcome signs and more. Check out our Pinterest boards for outdoor wedding ideas!

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Image: Danni Beach Photography