22/04/2021 | News

Great British Railway Journeys Visits Farnham Castle

Farnham Castle features on BBC2 Great British Railway Journeys

Michael Portillo and the Great British Railway Journeys team visit Farnham Castle for an afternoon of art, history and memories.

During the summer of 2020, journalist Michael Portillo and the Great British Railway Journeys team travelled from Guildford to Farnham Train Station in Surrey, to re-live the history and life of English artist W.H.Allen.

William Herbert Allen was born in London during September 1863. His parents were from Alton, and for many years he was the director of the Farnham School of Art, now known as the University of the Creative Arts.  He specialised in watercolour, chalk and pencil artwork and focused his efforts on landscapes, people and traditions.  Towards the very end of the 1800s, Allen commissioned Harold Falkner to design a home for him in Farnham – a stunning abode located on the Tilford Road that was given the name ‘Strangers Corner’.  Allen produced a painting of his pretty home, which in time, became one of his most famous pieces of artwork and it now resides in The Museum of Farnham. And, aside from painting his Farnham home, Allen also painted our very own Farnham Castle.

During the filming that took place at Farnham Castle, we were lucky enough to have met one of W.H.Allen’s family members who had a plethora of wonderful stories to tell, along with showing us a selection of art work from the great collection that she has hanging in her own home today.  Michael Portillo participated in an art lesson on the Great Lawn to re-enact what W.H.Allen would have done over 100 years ago.

If you missed Farnham Castle on BBC2’s Great British Railway Journeys on April 29th, 2021 at 6:30pm, you can watch it on Catch Up.
Look out for Farnham Castle in Series 12, Episode 4!