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Book your Palindrome Wedding Date at Farnham Castle

Large wedding venue in Surrey

Farnham Castle have an extremely rare wedding date available in 2022! Would you like to book our Palindrome wedding date?

Palindrome meaning
A word, phrase or sequence that reads the same backwards as it does forwards
(reference Google Dictionary)

It’s fairly rare to come across a palindrome! We may use palindrome words in every day language such as wow, noon or madam, but it’s quite uncommon to come across a palindromic date – especially when it comes to choosing a wedding date!

We’ve looked through our diary and happen to have availability on the only weekend palindromic date during the year: February 20th, 2022 – otherwise known as 2 – 20 – 2022!

Not only is February ‘the’ most romantic month of the year to get married, but the 20th in 2022 falls on a Sunday, which means that you’ll have Saturday to get excited for your Sunday wedding, with the potential option to head off on your honeymoon on the afternoon of the 21st! Alternatively – the 22nd of February, 2022 (falling on a Tuesday) can also be seen as a palindromic wedding date, 22 – 02 – 2022.

Farnham Castle currently have ‘both’ February 2022 palindromic dates available in our diary and we’d love to share more about our venue with you.

Our Wedding Specialists can help you plan your special day in as little as a month’s notice, so there’s still plenty of time between now and February 2022 to plan your perfect winter wedding at Farnham Castle. Our historic Surrey venue is spectacular, our menus are on another ‘level’.

So, if your name is Anna, Hannah, Izzi, Elle, Bob, Viv or Lil, or anything else, we’d love to chat to you about our palindrome wedding dates for 2022. Contact our team on 01252 720402 or email weddings@farnhamcastle.com to find out more.

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