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An Extraordinary Venue…To Celebrate Life’s Special Occasions

Wedding receptions at Farnham Castle in Surrey

6 Party planning tips…

‘In his blue gardens men and girls came and went like moths among the whisperings and the champagne and the stars’ F. Scott Fitzgerald – The Great Gatsby

Have you ever attended a party that you have looked forward to with huge anticipation, assuming it would be simply one of the best…yet it wasn’t?  If you have, you’ll know that it takes a winning combination of ‘ingredients’ to create a great celebration.

As Head of Marketing at Farnham Castle, I’ve experienced the time, effort and processes that go in to planning most of life’s important moments, and this month I’ve narrowed down a long list, to what I believe to be the six most essential elements to party planning perfection. The ultimate goal? To get your guests to talking about your event for weeks, months or even years, after the final cork has popped.

So, what makes a party great?

An Exciting Invitation
Often overlooked, a fun invitation sets the tone for the event and should enthuse your guests, whilst including all of the important information they’ll need to know, such as the time, location, occasion, theme and dress code.

Transform your party space with fresh flowers, beautiful lighting, signs, balloons, photos, games, areas for sitting comfortably and a dance floor to get the crowd on their feet, dancing to your DJ or Live Band…or both!

Thoughtful Details
The best hosts are thoughtful, and will think of every little detail to make the event extra-special for their guests. Can you create the magic outdoors as well as in? Is there a comfortable space for guests to chill out, yet keep warm? Don’t overlook the smaller details!

Amazing Food
At Farnham Castle, we offer incredible dining menus, prepared with locally sourced ingredients, and prepared by our team of Chefs, but whether you’re thinking sophisticated or simple, in my view there is no substitute for a well-chosen menu, served on a beautiful white dinner service with crisp, white linen napkins.

A Well-stocked Bar
Having wines paired with your menu is something that people love, and even the most sceptical are forced to admit that advice on choosing wines can be invaluable. Why not think outside the box and consider a unique Gin & Tonic or Cocktail bar, and don’t forget to order plenty of Champagne if you’re celebrating!

An Element of Surprise
Whether you choose a photo booth for guests to create fun memories, a palate cleansing sorbet shot during dinner, indoor cascades to get the party started with a bang, or an interactive game, why not add an element of surprise to your event? It doesn’t have to be crazy, just something no one will expect, but everyone will love.

If you’re tempted to host a party or celebration at Farnham Castle, please get in touch with our Events Team on: 01252 720402.

Image: Chris Giles Photography