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An Extraordinary Venue…At Christmas

Christmas Parties 2022 Farnham Castle

The History of Christmas 

Now that the summer holidays have come to an end and routine has resumed, the countdown to Christmas is officially on! With so much to plan, prepare and organise across the next 3 months, now is the very best time to think about anything and everything; from parties and presents, to food and festive gatherings. This month, we’re sharing the history of Christmas, along with hints and tips on how to celebrate the most wonderful time of the year in style!

Christmas Trees

The history of decorating a tree in your home originated in present day Estonia, Latvia, and in early modern Germany. It was thought that having an evergreen in your home would protect you from evil spirits, witches, ghosts and illness. The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is gifted, by Norway, to the people of Britain each December, and we, as tradition, also choose to display a beautiful 15ft Norway Spruce in our historic Stone Hall from late November each year!

Christmas Carols

The first Christmas song was written in 129AD by a Roman Bishop, who said that a song with the title “Angel’s Hymn” should be sung during a Christmas service in Rome. Later, in 760AD a second Christmas Hymn was written by Comas of Jerusalem and from then on, composers across Europe wrote their own Christmas Carols, sung widely around the world today.

Christmas Pudding

Having originated during medieval times, Christmas Pudding traditionally features 13 ingredients; 12 representing the 12 apostles and 1 representing Christ. Filled with luxurious rich fruit, dark sugars and a host of spices, a Christmas Pudding is usually made months in advance and can be lit with a brandy infused flame or topped with a sprig of holly to complete the taste and look!

Christmas Gifts

The tradition of giving a gift to a loved one at Christmas dates back to the story of when the Three Wise Men brought gifts of Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh to baby Jesus after his birth. When thinking about what to buy and who to buy for this Christmas, why not shop local, or consider buying a ‘gift experience’ for someone to look forward to in the near future, such as tickets to a Valentine’s Dinner!

Christmas Parties

It’s always exciting to prepare for a Christmas party, whether you celebrate at home or take your friends, family or team at the office to an organised event at a specialist event venue. Make your Christmas Party memorable in more ways than one; from dressing up to choosing a festive menu, whilst sipping on Eggnog, of course! If you’re planning your party at home, be sure to set the date early, and if you’re planning on joining a party, be sure to book your table early to avoid disappointment.

If you’re interested in hosting or joining a Christmas party, dinner or special celebration at Farnham Castle, our Event Team would love to share our menus, pricing and party planning advice with you.