The Old Kitchen

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The Old Kitchen

The old kitchen is now the dining room. This room, together with the Norman Chapel, is the most Norman part of the Castle.

There are five lancet windows on the south wall, and the arch of the old fireplace with two bread ovens in the corner. Cupboards fill a second fireplace in the north wall.The new kitchens off this room are part of what was formerly the servants’ quarters and stillroom.

The Stone Hall

In medieval times, a screen divided this domestic area from the Great Hall. Bishop Morley built a proper wall, shortening the Great Hall.

The present ‘medieval’ entrance to the Old Kitchen is a copy added at a later period. Two earlier doors, now filled in, flank this arch. These doors appear far too low because the floor level has been raised.

Further along the wall is a ‘classical’ arch. This leads to a wooden staircase up to the Norman Chapel.