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Adam, Robert (1728-1792): Neoclassical architect, interior designer and furniture designer.

Barrel vault: An ancient roof form used in Egypt, Rome and Medieval Europe.

Balusters: Vertical support pole between the stair tread and hand rail.

Caen stone: A creamy limestone found near Caen, France.

Clerestory: A window in a roof or high in a wall to provide extra light.

Commonwealth (1649-1654): The period when the English House of Commons abolished the Monarchy and House of Lords.

Dendrochronology: The scientific study of the annular growth of trees to determine the age of the wood.

Diocese: An administrative area controlled by a bishop in the Roman Catholic and Anglican Churches.

Grinling Gibbons (1648-1720): the greatest English woodcarver. Employed by Sir Christopher Wren and Charles II.

Manor: Land with tenants over whom the bishop had rights of jurisdiction.

Manor Courts: A private court through which the bishop exercised his seigniorial rights over his tenants.

Motte and bailey castle: An earth mound (motte) surrounded by an area (bailey) protected by a wall of earth or wood.

Petard: A small bomb used to blow up gates or walls when breaching defences.

Protectorate (1654-1658): The period when Oliver Cromwell ruled England as Lord Protector after dissolving Parliament.

See: The official seat or centre of authority of a bishop.

Stillroom: A pantry or storeroom connected with the kitchen.

Usher: An assistant teacher.

Veronese, Paolo (c. 1528-1588): An Italian painter.

Ward: The bailey of the original Norman castle. The large area surrounding the main castle buildings, but still within the outer curtain wall.

Webb, John (1611-1672): Personal assistant to and heir of architect and theatre designer, Inigo Jones.